Quote My name is Nicole Trutanich and I am a student in Dr. Hugo's Career Counseling class that you spoke at earlier tonight. I just wanted to send a personal thank you for taking the time and speaking to our class. I imagine I do not need to tell you this, but you are quite a dynamic speaker. Not only did I learn an incredible amount from the content, but I too learned a lot from the way you presented it. It was quite inspiring, so thank you! Quote
- Nicole
Quote I personally wanted to thank you for a great presentation and to be honest I have been waiting for something like this for years. I really appreciated all the information that was presented. Quote
Quote I would love to thank you for introducing us and allowing for Bonique to present. I gained so much from her presentation. It is definitely beneficial for her to come to the class. I'll see you in two weeks. Quote
Quote I wanted to thank you again for your presentation, you were truly amazing. As you see getting our people out is tough, but I am in it for the long haul. My staff was very impressed with you, please let me know how I can repay you. Quote
- D. Cofield
Quote What a concept! How excellent to be taught such and invaluable lesson that we’ll take with us forever - if only so many of the younger generation (non-corporate) could get clued into the message that they give when they walk into a room. I’m sure there are individuals within our organizations that have previously had discussions on the subject of personal branding. However, the information, discussions, and interactive approach that Sheila uses held us all captive and provided the fuel needed to trigger our upward movement! Plus, I truly believe that there were many in attendance who were totally unaware of the type of statement(s) they make every day.

She kept us thinking outside the box and so engaged that we only took one 10-minute break (in a 3 - hour period). Honestly, no one wanted to stop - afraid we might miss something. I do hope that someday we are able to participate in the full workshop - companywide.

I have to say that I've seen (and continue to see) the "instant impact"... some of it was noticeable the very next day. It also appears that BYOB has sustainable results because we are now 4 weeks later and those who I see regularly are still still walking in their “brand”.

It would be great to see this program implemented throughout Neutrogena/J&J. Quote
- Valerie - Sales Administration & Fleet Management, Neutrogena Corporation
Quote Thank you, thank you! What a productive and fun session! I never understood what branding meant in relation to your personal style. I always felt it was what you do vs. who you are. It’s very clear now and I only wish we had two whole days with you to cover more material. Quote
- Carmen – TV Finance Group, NBC Universal
Quote Did you hear anything about the Women’s Network program yesterday? I thought it was excellent and it was just a very short version of what is done for employee development. The topic was "BYOB - Be Your Own Brand" and talked about people identifying their own unique attributes and how their appearance either supported or detracted from that. I'm not exactly in the "I care a lot about what I look like" category, but thought the points she made about 1) knowing our "brand", 2) the message we send to others and 3) how that contributes to how prepared we are to do our jobs, we very valid.

I don’t know the process for determining employee development options but, of course, I thought of you as my best contact! If you're interested, the presenter was Sheila Coates. Quote
- Chris – IT SOX & Global Enterprise Systems. NBC Universal
Quote In our business of helping individuals prepare themselves to reenter the workforce we quickly discovered that understanding your brand and uniqueness is imperative because it impacts you personally and professionally and helps you define your competitive edge.

It’s good to help people with their resume and interview skills but Sheila and BYOB helped them discover what qualities they possess and what to say in that interview that would empower them and help them make a great FIRST impression.

After the BYOB “Go Get That Job!” session, confidence begin to soar, minds were racing and people felt empowered to move forward with obtaining employment and did!

I highly recommend BYOB to anybody looking to be the best YOU – you can be and definitely to Workforce centers who want to give their people a competitive edge, greater confidence and make an impact the minute they walk in a room.

Our team and our students know the power of BYOB and how to “Speak Volumes without Saying a Word!” Quote
- Erica Mayorga - Director of Specially Funded Programs, Workforce Development & Corporate Relations